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As part of its professional training programme, the South East Alexander School offers regular workshops which are also open to all  Alexander teachers, trainees and students to attend.

Additionally, there are also a number of general Alexander workshops held throughout the year, open to  Alexander pupils and anyone interested. If you'd like to find out more about these workshops, please visit Delia's website for more information.

If you cannot make a workshop but would like to  visit the school for post-graduate study or short-term input as a student (without wishing to train), or for supervision / mentoring, please contact Delia.


'Delia’s highly attuned approach continues to support my life long learning

and development in a unique way.’

SEAS student

With Delia Rosenboom ATI

Friday 15th May 2020:

UK time: 4pm-10pm

USA times: 11am-5pm Eastern time,

10am-4pm Central time, 8am-2pm Pacific time,


An opportunity to explore the physical, anatomical considerations of our spirallic torso musculature (acc. Prof. Raymond Dart), alongside how our energetic and emotional holdings manifest within these at key points, affecting how we contract, hold, or unconsciously protect the front of ourselves.  We will work with hands on and off the body to encourage deepening levels of release, both within the exterior spirallic musculature and also simultaneously within the ‘energetic substance’ of ourselves. We will explore how encouraging the front of the torso to open and expand in this way organically enables further degrees of invaluable release in the back.


Cost of workshop: By Donation.

Usual price: £95 /£85 for AT trainees.

Payment via:

NB. Please select to pay in GBP (£’s)!

Alternatively enquire for payment by Transferwise or other.


Enquiries: Delia: 0044 (0) 1342 825031

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A Horse & Heart Workshop:

Holistic Horsemanship & the Alexander Technique

Dates for 2020 TBC

in Forest Row, East Sussex

with Holistic Horsemanship teacher Marie Franco BFEE2 and

Alexander Technique Teacher Delia Rosenboom ATI


When we spend time with a horse, our own subtle energy is continuously interacting with the horse's energy, creating an unconscious connection, language and understanding of what is being asked for.

To be effective, these unconscious, energetic messages need to be congruent with the conscious messages that we are giving verbally, physically or psychically. However these energetic interactions can be interfered with by stresses and tensions patterns held in the body, leading to a mismatch of communication and confusion or un-clarity for the horse.

This workshop will address how we communicate both with ourselves and with the horse and will explore ways of releasing and freeing the body, enabling our energy to flow expressively and potently, so as to communicate clearly with the horse. We will work with the Alexander Technique to find freedom, poise, ease and an increased clarity of energetic flow. We will combine this with Holistic Horsemanship groundwork to build an authentic language, connection and clear communication between horse and horseman/woman.


Dates & Times (TBC):

Friday  7.30-9pm

Saturday  and Sunday  10am - approx. 6pm

Cost: £240

Bookings: Please email Delia: [email protected]

for a booking form and details of how to pay by BACS transfer.


Enquiries: Delia: 01342 825031

Marie & Delia are hugely experienced in their fields of expertise.

To learn more visit: or

AT horse work Alexander Teacher Training

"Everything that lives, grows and moves, lives, grows and moves spiralically" 

Don Burton


"You can't do something you don't know if you keep on doing what you do know!"

F.M. Alexander


'Online workshop via Zoom:


The Anatomy of the Torso Spirals & their

Emotional and Energetic Manifestations'

for Alexander teachers and trainees

'Finding Vocal Freedom & Ease':

Singing and the Alexander Technique  

Two Online Day Workshops for anyone sharing an interest in how physicality effects voice & breath

With Delia Rosenboom NVN


Thursday 16th July, 10am-3.30pm, Via Zoom!

Or Monday 2nd November, 10am-3.30pm, Via Zoom


A fabulous opportunity to work creatively and insightfully with the Alexander Technique in relation to singing, vocalising & breathing. Come and explore how releasing your tension patterns frees & expands your voice and maximises vocal performance. We will explore how singing, vocalising and breathing can be enhanced through changing our awareness, by 'letting go', and by consciously optimising how we use our bodies:  by 'doing less' to 'gain more'!

Experiential Alexander Technique-based release work, gentle movement, stretching, guided visualisations, talk-throughs, fun…and more…Work in stillness (lying on the floor) and in movement, whilst singing, speaking, sounding….


Previous Alexander experience is helpful, though not required. All welcome.


Cost: £95,  or by donation, on a pay-what-you-can basis.To book a place you can pay for the workshop via: or by BACS transfer to: D. Rosenboom: Acc: 23535002, sort code: 20-46-73


Bookings: To secure a place, please contact Delia and then pay for your place using the above methods.


Enquiries: Delia 01342 825031 or [email protected]





'Mentoring & Support'

for Alexander teachers

With Delia Rosenboom ATI

Next meeting TBC- please enquire

33  Upper Close,  Forest Row, E., Sussex, RH18 5DS


It can be a lonely process to work as an Alexander eacher in private practice, often handling a wide range of pupils of differing ages and  with sometimes complex or challenging conditions. There is often no space to reflect on our teaching practice or to receive feed-back or support...and this can so often lead to teachers feeling insecure in their work, or to a desire to give up this vital, life-enhancing and important work.

This session is an  opportunity to bring your share your challenges and 'unknowns' of feel reflect on your teaching process and content and to be supported in finding alternative ways forward or new options in your teaching practice...

Cost: £45. Places limited, so do book early by contacting Delia: 01342 825031

'Many thanks for the workshop. I benefitted greatly from your teaching and feel much better equipped for taking care of my voice, and in incorporating Alexander technique into my own practice. I particularly enjoyed the explanations of anatomy which I had not heard before and the use of the models helped me understand how my own body is designed.'       Workshop participant 2018

With Delia Rosenboom

Saturday - Sunday  2020: 10.30am-4.30pm Postponed due to Corona!

New dates TBC - hopefully Autumn 2020

Forest Row, E. Sussex, RH18 Venue TBC


When working with a pupil experiencing some form of trauma, however recent or archaic, our A.T. approach and focus may need to ‘soften’ in order to be optimally effective: Tension patterns created through general mis-use react differently to those created by shock or trauma, and a slower, sensitive, less direction-based, more inhibition-based approach is often called for to enable an appropriate ‘releasing out of’ these.

We will explore ways of working from a state of ‘presence and prolonged inhibition’ and address how a pupil's apparent ‘bad-use’ may actually be ‘appropriate use’ in relation to whatever they are experiencing in life,  and therefore could be considered ‘good use' that needs to be honoured and given appropriate time to metamorphose!  This practical hands-on workshop follows-on from the workshop on 17th (and also works as a one-off workshop).


Cost of workshop:  £180, (£160 for AT trainees)  There is a reduction if also attending workshop on 17th April: Cost for both workshops: £255 (AT trainees £225).

Places limited, so please book early, by making a BACS transfer to:

D. Rosenboom: Acc: 23535002, sort code: 20-46-73, and emailing to let me know you have paid...

or by sending a cheque to:

'D. Rosenboom' at the address above. Alternatively enquire for payment by paypal.

Enquiries: Delia 01342 825031 or [email protected]

Working with States of Shock or Trauma:

Grief, fear, injury, post-surgery, life-changing events, abuse …

for Alexander teachers and trainees



torso spirals Torso spirals back

The Anatomy of F.M. Alexander's 'Primary Control':

A practical & creative workshop exploring the boney and muscular considerations of the head, neck and back

for Alexander teachers and trainees

Led by Delia Rosenboom

Saturday / Sunday / October 2020: 10.30-5pm Dates TBC

33 Upper Close, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5DS


An exciting opportunity to explore what is actually happening when we free our own necks, or guide a pupil's  head, neck and back into a state of enhanced freedom. We will explore what is happening at the boney, skeletal level and at the muscular/ connective tissue levels, and address how these core structures respond to conscious thought, to movement, to considerations of gravity, weightlessness, opposition...We will address how this dynamic core supports the limbs, internal organs and vocal mechanisms and how 'getting out of the way' of this can bring to life alife-giving inner support.

Come and explore what is happening 'beneath the skin' in this creative and experiential hands-on workshop. Practical, insightful  anatomy, talk-throughs, visualisations and hands-on work.

(This is also an excellent workshop to attend if you will be applying to join ATI via sponsorship and need to brush up on your anatomy!)


Venue: 33 Upper Close, Forest Row, E. Sussex, RH18 5DS

Cost: £180 (AT trainees £160)


Bookings: Places are limited, so please book early, by making a BACS transfer to:

D. Rosenboom: Acc: 23535002, sort code: 20-46-73, and emailing to let me know you have paid...

or by sending a cheque to:

'D. Rosenboom' at the address above. Alternatively enquire for payment by paypal.


Enquiries: Delia 01342 825031 or [email protected]

delia smaller Head balance Spine lengthening:shortening

Thursday 2nd July, with European-friendly workshop timings:

11am-5pm (UK time)


Friday July 10th 2020, with USA-friendly workshop timings:

11am-5pm Eastern time, 10am-4pm Central time,  8am-2pm Pacific time,  (4-10pm UK time)


A unique opportunity to explore the spirallic nature of our limbs: We will look at the embryological origins of limb growth, and how this spirallic, miraculous development underpins how we may work as AT teachers to ‘connect the limbs in’ or to ‘release them out’.....We will address how our limb-muscle’s spirallic arrangement can cause a contraction in towards the foetal....or an opening & expanding, inherently widening the back & shoulders, giving greater breath and increased grounding. We will also look at the emotional states that ‘encourage’ both of these. We will further explore the connection between arm & leg spirals – from right little finger to left little toe. This will be a practical workshop, intertwining information with experiential talk-throughs / visualisations/ movement/ using one’s hands, working in semi-supine....and more!

Online Workshops via zoom:


Spirals of the Arms and Legs

for Alexander Teachers & Trainees


To book a place, please email Delia: [email protected]

Cost of workshop: By donation (Usual price: £95).  Payment via: Please select to pay in GBP (£’s)


Enquiries: Delia 0044 (0)1342 825031 or [email protected]