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As part of its professional training programme, the South East Alexander School offers regular workshops which are also open to all  Alexander teachers, trainees and students to attend.

Additionally, there are also a number of general Alexander workshops held throughout the year, open to  Alexander pupils and anyone interested. If you'd like to find out more about these workshops, please visit Delia's website for more information.

If you cannot make a workshop but would like to  visit the school for post-graduate study or short-term input as a student (without wishing to train), or for supervision / mentoring, please contact Delia.


'Delia’s highly attuned approach continues to support my life long learning

and development in a unique way.’

SEAS student

With guest teacher Patrick Gundry-White (STAT)

Saturday 21st - Sunday 22nd July 2018: 10-5pm

Community Centre, Hartfield Rd, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18


The journey we take with our voice is always a journey into the unknown – no-one knows what they will sound like as they travel or where they will travel to. Our breath feeds that journey – if it is too powerful, it can pull our voice off the road. So we need a balance of breath, listening, mindful awareness and physicality. Sometimes in releasing we unwittingly discard appropriate tensions needed for creating tone. An essential part of this is that the face is part of the vocal instrument, so we will look at how we can harness the face, body and the breath together to expand our voice; using improvisation, specially composed partsongs, chants and rounds. This may inadvertently involve us enjoy sounding ourselves playfully and non-judgementally in a safe and open environment.

As well as exploring sounding our voice in both singing and speaking, we will explore how we breathe with special emphasis on the use the nose as the primary pathway of breath into the body – of it’s healing and health-giving properties. We will also look at the relationship between nose and mouth breathing and become aware of what this can reveal to us about our thinking and the thinking of all those who we teach.. This workshop will be led by experienced and multi-talented Alexander teacher, Buteyko practitioner, musician, singer and composer Patrick Gundry-White who will join us from Derbyshire for the weekend.  Patrick will also be offering one-to-one private lessons on Monday 23rd July. Please contact Delia if you would like to book a lesson.

Cost of workshop: £180, (£160 for AT trainees) places limited, so do book early. Payment can be taken via paypal below.

A Horse & Heart Workshop:

Holistic Horsemanship & the Alexander Technique

27th - 29th July 2018

in Forest Row, East Sussex

with Holistic Horsemanship teacher Marie Franco BFEE2 and Alexander Technique Teacher Delia Rosenboom ATI


When we spend time with a horse, our own subtle energy is continuously interacting with the horse's energy, creating an unconscious connection, language and understanding of what is being asked for.

To be effective, these unconscious, energetic messages need to be congruent with the conscious messages that we are giving verbally, physically or psychically. However these energetic interactions can be interfered with by stresses and tensions patterns held in the body, leading to a mismatch of communication and confusion or un-clarity for the horse.

This workshop will address how we communicate both with ourselves and with the horse and will explore ways of releasing and freeing the body, enabling our energy to flow expressively and potently, so as to communicate clearly with the horse. We will work with the Alexander Technique to find freedom, poise, ease and an increased clarity of energetic flow. We will combine this with Holistic Horsemanship groundwork to build an authentic language, connection and clear communication between horse and horseman/woman.


Dates & Times:

Friday 27th July 7.30-9pm

Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th: 10am - approx. 6pm

Cost: £240

Bookings: Please email Delia:

for a booking form and details of how to pay by BACS transfer.


Enquiries: Delia: 01342 825031

Marie & Delia are hugely experienced in their fields of expertise.

To learn more visit: or

AT horse work Alexander Teacher Training

With guest teacher Miranda Tufnell

Saturday 8th - Sunday 9th September 2018: 10am-5pm

Peter Griffiths Hall, London Rd, Forest Row, E. Sussex, RH18


“Of all the dangers we face, the greatest is the deadening of our capacity to respond … we are not substances that abide, we are patterns that perpetuate themselves; we are whirlpools in rivers of ever-flowing water. The sense of self shifts from noun to verb, from a separate enduring entity that needs its comforts and defences, to a dancer in relationship to life around us" Joanna Macey


An opportunity to work freely and exploratively with breath, imagination, spontaneaous movement and with Alexander principles...

These 2 days offer ways into movement to deepen awareness of breath & body, and of our presence in the world about us. In the play & exploration of movement, we drop below the surface of everyday awareness to discover deeper currents of being, of becoming - what John O Donohue calls ‘the under-earth of our visible life’. Details, & resonances appear that bring us more fully into connection with life within & around us.

Working as a dancer in the 1970’s it was coming to the Alexander Technique that guided me in how to move, dance, 'from the inside out' – the technique taught me to listen and sense the subtle, ever present forces of movement within me - the body a confluence of many streams of information - movements of thought, sensation, emotion, dream and memory. Our human body is a complex and beautiful creation, made up of trillions of cells constantly moving and changing in unique and particular ways within an astonishingly integrated whole.  And what we term ‘homeostasis’, the body's ceaseless movement in and out of states of balance. Movement becomes a way of listening - of investigating, & awakening perceptions that enable us to release tension & discover a more responsive, flexible & connected whole.

Miranda is  a highly experienced Alexander teacher and Cranio-sacral therapist as well as an inspirational dance artist and dancer... and her workshops are a treat not to be missed! (Learn more about Miranda on the 'Teachers page').


Cost of workshop: Full price: £180, (£160 for AT trainees) places limited, so do book early. Payment can be taken via paypal below.

Led by Delia Rosenboom ATI

Saturday 6th October 2018 10am-5pm

33 Upper Close, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5DS


When we train as Alexander teachers, we generally learn to inhibit, to direct and to use our hands skillfully to guide a pupil to an enhanced state of Use...  And yet despite this lengthy training, how can we be sure that we know what a pupil really needs? Whether she needs to release, lengthen and 'go up', or to release downwards to ground? Whether a limb needs to be encouraged to connect inwards, or to release out and away? Whether her system as a whole is asking to be energised and expanded, or to be quietened and contained?

Unless we are able to meet each individual pupil, by 'listening and tuning in' to their unique psycho-physical make-up, how can we best know how to work?

This workshop will address this rich and vital territory, inviting a letting go of preconceived ideas about what should happen in an Alexander lesson, and having the courage to inhibit the imposing of directions, and instead to allow ourselves to work from a place of 'not knowing’...of listening, trusting, intuiting, being present to whatever presents in each passing moment. Through 'tuning in' with ones hands and whole being.

Working in this way is extremely potent, powerful and effective, allowing optimal release in the pupil, whilst simultaneaously relieving the teacher of having to

'have all the answers' or 'know what is right for the pupil'!

A nourishing, practical, experiential day for Alexander Teachers and trainees.

Cost of workshop: £90, (£75 for AT trainees) places limited, so do book early. Payment can be taken via paypal below.

"Everything that lives, grows and moves, lives, grows and moves spiralically" 

Don Burton

With Delia Rosenboom ATI

Thursday 18th October 3-6pm

The Energy Centre, Burlees House, Hangingroyd Lane, Hebden Bridge, HX7 7DD, West Yorkshire


It can be a lonely process to work as an Alexander eacher in private practice, often handling a wide range of pupils of differing ages and  with sometimes complex or challenging conditions. There is often no space to reflect on our teaching practice or to receive feed-back or support...and this can so often lead to teachers feeling insecure in their work, or to a desire to give up this vital, life-enhancing and important work.

This session is an  opportunity to bring your share your challenges and 'unknowns' of feel reflect on your teaching process and content and to be supported in finding alternative ways forward or new options in your teaching practice...

Cost: £45. Places limited, so do book early...Payment can be taken via paypal below.

With Delia Rosenboom ATI

Friday 19th October 2018: 11am-5pm

& Saturday 20th October: 10am-4pm

The Energy Centre, Burlees House, Hangingroyd Lane, Hebden Bridge, HX7 7DD, West Yorkshire

When pupils present themselves with an underlying state of shock, of being frightened, of grieving or of being traumatised - however present or archaic this may be - it is not necessarily appropriate to work with the same aims, methods, time scale or pacing that may be effective with other pupils. Something else may be called for in order that the background state can gradually dissolve and free itself from its physical encapsulation. This workshop will explore ways of working that enable a sensitive ‘growing out of’ these states, setting them free in their own time...and will address the concept of 'appropriate use' as opposed to  'good use'. For us as teachers this approach requires a surrendering of what we think we know, of what we may think the pupil needs, of what to ‘do’ next, and a insted a simple 'allowing' to work from a state of presence and prolonged inhibition.

This is an opportunity to explore appropriate ways of working on the table with pupils, and is both an excellent follow-on from the 'Unknown Zone' workshop in June, as well as standing alone in its own right.

Cost: Early bird discount for bookings received by September 1st: £160, Full price thereafter: £180. Places limited, so do book early...

Payment can be taken via paypal below, or by BACS (please contact Delia for details).

For 'local' details about travel or accomodation, please contact Sophia Hatch on:  Tel: 01422 843000 Text: 07761213280, 


"You can't do something you don't know if you keep on doing what you do know!"

F.M. Alexander

Listening for the Dance Within'

a two-day workshop for Alexander teachers & trainees, and others interested in movement, imagination, breath...


Voice and Breath Weekend

for Alexander teachers and trainees, and others sharing an interest in voice work

Teaching from the 'Unknown Zone'

A day Workshop for Alexander teachers and trainees

'Mentoring & Support'

for Alexander teachers

'Working with States of Trauma'

for Alexander teachers and Trainees

Saturday 9th March 2019: 11-4.30pm

33 Upper Close, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5DS


An opportunity to work creatively and in-depth with the Alexander Technique in relation to your voice and breath, and to explore how releasing unnecessary tension patterns can free and expand your voice, improve your breathing  and enhance performance.

The workshop will consist of  Alexander-based  work to increase awareness of habitual interferences (tensions),  to help release out of these, and to deepen your understanding of how your body can perform freely and optimally. This work will  involve working in stillness (eg lying on one’s back in semi-supine) and in movement, whilst singing, speaking, sounding….

We will explore how our breathing and vocalising mechanisms work, how we interfere with these physically, and how we can allow these to function optimally. This will include simple, practical anatomy and/ or embryology and lots of practical work.

Additional work will involve movement/ stretching, guided visualisations, talk-throughs, work in pairs, lots of fun…..and more… All work will be underpinned by the principles of F.M. Alexander’s Technique.

Examples of themes that may be explored are:

*The importance of head-balance and having a lengthening spine*

*Finding support for the suspended larynx and lungs*

*Demystifying breathing, the diaphragm, the lungs…*

Venue: 33 Upper Close, Forest Row, E. Sussex, RH18 5DS

Cost: £90 per day, includes lunch & refreshments

Previous Alexander experience is helpful, though not required.

Bookings: Places are limited.

To secure a place, please book using the paypal button below - or alternatively email for BACS details

Further Information:

Please call Delia on 01342 825031, email:


Payment can be taken via paypal below.

'Finding Vocal Freedom & Ease':

Singing, Speaking & the Alexander Technique-

for anyone sharing an interest in how  physicality effects voice & breath