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This training acknowledges that students come to train with differing backgrounds, Alexander experience, age and life history, all of which affect the training process. Therefore the length of time it may take to deem a student confident, competent and ready to teach the Alexander Technique will vary. It is expected that training will take approximately 3-4 years. The final decision will be made by the training course director, in consultation with the other teaching staff and with the student. Students will graduate with a teaching certificate of competence to teach the Alexander Technique, and will be eligible to apply to become a teaching member of the Alexander Technique International (A.T.I.) by undertaking A.T.I.'s 'evaluation process'. Whilst training, students can choose to join A.T.I. as a trainee member.

Alexander teacher training

This unique, professional training course, based in Forest Row, E. Sussex, offers students the opportunity to study in-depth the work of F.M. Alexander- his principles of inhibition, direction and means to psycho-physical re-education; how to apply these to oneself and how to effectively teach these to others. This rich area of study will be approached creatively, holistically and in a variety of ways, enabling students to grow, develop and change on all levels. Whilst this training primarily focuses on learning to work on oneself, it will simultaneously equip students with the tools and skills to teach the Alexander Technique professionally.

This training recognises that physical change comes hand in hand with emotional, psychological and energetic change, and both honours and welcomes these inevitable changes as an integral part of the training process.

For people wishing to deepen their understanding and experience of the Alexander Technique, without wishing to train as a teacher, the SEAS offers the opportunity to attend the training course on a short-term basis eg visiting for a few weeks / a term / a year... by arrangement.

"I find this course to be completely inspirational, enriching and nurturing in its approach to learning, guided by Delia’s immense experience and knowledge of the Alexander Technique… Delia’s teaching of Anatomy is both stimulating and instructive as we

explore the subject in a totally practical way, making this come to life as a fun, energizing and fascinating topic. This course is a must for anyone interested in self development as well as for future teachers.”

SEAS Student

This teacher-training course is arranged to enable students to continue to work if need be. The training will take place during the daytime, in blocks of days spread over three terms a year. Students will also receive termly tutorials and 1-1 lessons, by arrangement. Additionally there will be annual long weekends of extra training work during the Easter and Summer breaks where specific themes can be further explored.

Alexander training

Students are also required to undertake project-based work on a chosen area of interest connected to the Alexander Technique, to be independently studied / researched and presented as a written paper of approximately 5000 words.


As an important part of the training, students are asked to document their personal journey of psycho-physical change by keeping a journal or learning diary, and to present extracts of this once a year, in the form of an essay.  Additionally, students are required to make a commitment to an on-going practice of 'working on oneself’ for a minimum of one hour daily, outside of training course days, and to have a minimum of 10 private lessons outside of the training course, spread throughout the year. There will be on-going, termly self-evaluation.

"You translate everything, whether physical, mental or spiritual, into muscular tension."

F.M. Alexander

"My best move yet!  This is a practical course and I'm truly beginning to understand how to apply the Alexander Technique to myself in daily life.  There is lots  which can be practiced outside of the class to continue thinking and exploring.  Anatomy is taught by demonstration, using a skeleton and  bones, rather than all from a book which, for me, makes the learning more fun and meaningful. Delia and the other teachers are such warm people and have created a relaxed and calm environment which has attracted a lovely group of people at various stages of learning.  I'm loving every minute of the training course and every step on this journey of self discovery."

SEAS Student

The content and focus of this training will include:

  • A study of F.M. Alexander's life and books

  • The work of Professor Raymond Dart (The 'Dart Procedures')

  • Practical, 'living' anatomy

  • Stories of embryological development and how these underpin Alexander’s discoveries

  • Hands-on skills and 'procedural work': 'Monkey', 'Whispered Ahs', 'Hands on back of the chair'...

  • Developing sensitivity and 'listening skills' with one's hands

  • Voice work

  • Applied work: applying Alexander principles to swimming, horse riding, singing, meditation, musicianship...

  • Gentle movement/ stretching

  • Working with the body's energy system

  • Working with emotional / energetic release alongside physical release

  • Physiology of typical musculo-skeletal conditions

  • Sheltered teaching: giving private lessons, running groups, taking case-studies...

  • Independent project-based research and study

  • Tutorials and on-going assessment

Course Content

Delia Rosenboom

Course Duration


To be eligible to join the South East Alexander Technique School, prospective students must have a sound prior knowledge and experience of the Alexander Technique through having had sufficient private lessons or by attending workshops.

Students must be ready to commit to a profound process of learning and change, and have the means to pay the full fees at the required times.

If granted a place on the course, a non-refundable deposit equal to one term's fees will be required, which will be deducted from the final term of training.

Once training has commenced, the first term will be probationary. If leaving the course before the final term, at least one term's notice is required.

"The essence of the AlexanderTechnique is to make ourselves more susceptible to grace"

F.M. Alexander


If you'd like to apply for the course, download and fill in our application form. If you have any questions, send us an enquiry by filling in your details to the right and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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