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Previous Workshops

'Listening Hands' Day Workshop

for Alexander teachers and trainees

With Delia Rosenboom ATI

Friday 2nd February 2018: 9am-4pm

33 Upper Close, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5DS


An opportunity to work with 'prolonged inhibition'... to deepen your ability to 'listen' with your hands when working,

to ‘tune in’ to your pupil and to work with increased sensitivity. We will explore working from a place of simply being present, of trusting

and of 'letting the work unfold'. We will also explore how an increased ‘listening approach’ can be both essential and invaluable when

working with pupils experiencing shock, grief, fear or trauma.

A nourishing, practical, experiential day for Alexander Teachers and trainees.

Alexander Technique Workshop - Open to all

With Delia Rosenboom

Saturday 3rd March 2018: 2-6pm

33 Upper Close, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5DS  


An opportunity to learn about the Alexander Technique and to experience how thinking differently can change your quality of movement and experience of life! Learn how to release unwanted tensions and gain a sense of freedom and ease in both activity & stillness.

Gain a greater understanding of how your mind affects your body.


Practical muscular-release work; talk-throughs, work in pairs & on oneself,

simple anatomy, & work in semi-supine (lying down). This workshop is open to anyone interested in learning more about the Alexander Technique. It is also a good introduction for anyone considering training as an Alexander Teacher at the South East Alexander School.

Please bring a small pile of thin, paper-backed books and wear loose, comfortable clothes (trousers preferable).

The Anatomy of F.M. Alexander's Directions

for Alexander teachers and trainees

Led by Delia Rosenboom (ATI)

Saturday 14th - Sunday 15th April 2018: 10-5pm

33 Upper Close, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5DS


What is actually happening when we 'Free the neck', or 'Let the knees go forwards and away?'

As Alexander teachers/students, do we really know what is happening anatomically beneath the skin and under our hands, when we work with Alexander’s directions?


This weekend workshop is an opportunity to explore and deepen your understanding of how our bones and muscles are affected when working with F.M.’s directions. We will work practically and experientially using a skeleton, diagrams, with hands on work in pairs, movement, visualisation, palpation and more.

A Horse & Heart Workshop:

Holistic Horsemanship & the Alexander Techniques

17th-20th April 2018 in Moretonhampstead & Manaton, Dartmoor

with Holistic Horsemanship teacher Marie Franco BFEE2 and Alexander Technique Teacher Delia Rosenboom ATI


When we spend time with a horse, our own subtle energy is continuously interacting with the horse's energy, creating an unconscious connection, language and understanding of what is being asked for.


To be effective, these unconscious, energetic messages need to be congruent with the conscious messages that we are giving verbally, physically or psychically. However these energetic interactions can be interfered with by stresses and tensions patterns held in the body, leading to a mismatch of communication and confusion or un-clarity for the horse.


This workshop will address how we communicate both with ourselves and with the horse and will explore ways of releasing and freeing the body, enabling our energy to flow expressively and potently, so as to communicate clearly with the horse. We will work with the Alexander Technique to find freedom, poise, ease and an increased clarity of energetic flow. We will combine this with Holistic Horsemanship groundwork to build an authentic language, connection and clear communication between horse and horseman/woman.


Dates & Times:

Tuesday 17th April 6.30-8.30pm

Wed. 18th & Thurs 19th April: 9.30am-5.30pm

Friday 20th April 9.30am- 4pm

Cost: £360


Bookings: Please email Delia:

for a booking form and return with payment for the workshop:

Enquiries: Delia 01342 825031

Marie & Delia are hugely experienced in their fields of expertise.

To learn more visit:

Teaching from the 'Unknown Zone'

a day Workshop for Alexander teachers and trainees

Led by Delia Rosenboom ATI

Saturday 12th May 2018 10am-5pm

33 Upper Close, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5DS  


When we train as Alexander teachers, we generally learn to inhibit, to direct and to use our hands skillfully to guide a pupil to an enhanced state of Use...  And yet despite this lengthy training, how can we be sure that we know what a pupil really needs? Whether she needs to release, lengthen and 'go up', or to release downwards to ground? Whether a limb needs to be encouraged to connect inwards, or to release out and away? Whether her system as a whole is asking to be energised and expanded, or to be quietened and contained?


Unless we are able to meet each individual pupil, by 'listening and tuning in' to their unique psycho-physical make-up, how can we best know how to work?


This workshop will address this rich and vital territory, inviting a letting go of preconceived ideas about what should happen in an Alexander lesson, and having the courage to inhibit the imposing of directions, and instead to allow ourselves to work from a place of 'not knowing’...of listening, trusting, intuiting, being present to whatever presents in each passing moment. Through 'tuning in' with ones hands and whole being.


Working in this way is extremely potent, powerful and effective, allowing optimal release in the pupil, whilst simultaneaously relieving the teacher of having to


'have all the answers' or 'know what is right for the pupil'!


A nourishing, practical, experiential day for Alexander Teachers and trainees.

Alexander Technique,  Voice and Breath Weekend

for Alexander teachers and trainees

With guest teacher Patrick Gundry-White (STAT)

Saturday 21st - Sunday 22nd July 2018: 10-5pm

Forest Row, East Sussex, (venue TBC)  


An opportunity to work creatively and in-depth with the Alexander Technique in relation to your voice and breath and to explore


how releasing unnecessary tension patterns can free and expand your voice, improve your breathing and enhance performance.

Practical, Alexander-based release work, sounding, singing, stretching, simply anatomy... led by experienced and multi-talented


Alexander teacher, musician, singer and composer: Patrick Gundry-White who will join us from Derbyshire for the weekend.

Patrick will also be offering one-to-one private lessons on Monday 23rd July. Please contact Delia if you would like to book a lesson.