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Course Requirements

Training at the South East Alexander School requires the following:


1. To attend three, 20-day terms of training annually and two additional long weekends, for a minimum of three years, until ready to qualify as an Alexander Teacher (unless other, individual arrangements are made).

2. To undertake a daily practice of ‘working on yourself' Alexander-style, for a minimum of 1 hr daily, when not attending training course days.

3. To have ten private lessons (minimum) outside of the training course, spread throughout the year, with A.T. teachers of your choice. (The cost of these is not included in the training fees).

4. To keep a learning journal, mapping and reflecting on your journey of self-discovery and change using the Alexander Technique. (This will be confidential.)

5. To write a brief essay at the end of each year using notes from your learning journal, which describes and summarises your process of change and discovery or new understandings / challenges made during the year. This will be read by the senior teachers.

6. To complete a short self-evaluation form at the end of each term.

7. To undertake a more in-depth area of research (based on an area of the Alexander Technique or its application to your life, that interests you), during your final year of training, and to write about this in the form of a 5000-word essay.

8. To attend the gentle movement sessions, which are an integral part of the training.

9. To attend evening classes or workshops during your final year, which will be arranged as part of the training, to enable senior students to assist in running A.T. groups, or to lead groups alongside peers. This will be a part of the sheltered teaching practise in the later part of your training, and may require 1-2 hours outside of the normal training hours e.g. (on a Monday evening).

10. To give 1-1 lessons as part of the 'sheltered teaching practise’ in the later part of your training. These will be given at your home with pupils of your choice, in your own time, and will be reflected on in supervision sessions within the training programme.

11. To receive a tutorial and a 1-1 lesson each term from the course director or other senior teacher. Where possible these will be arranged within the training days, however they may need to be arranged outside of the usual training times.


If you decide to train at S.E.A.S. you will be asked to read the above and to give your signature to say that you have understood and agree with what is required in order to take part in this training programme.

'It's a delight to be involved with Delia's Alexander Technique training school. Her approach is professional and modern, and her skillful teaching shows a deep knowledge and understanding of Alexander's principles.’

SEAS student


The teaching at the South East Alexander School is playful, creative, in-depth and enlightening."

SEAS student


"I have had the privilege of knowing Delia for some years and find her to be an extraordinary teacher who, for all of her students, allows each of us to learn with fun, enjoyment, curiosity, wonder and above all, Delia makes you feel so much better on every level! All I can say is come and experience the amazing "Alexander Technique" and begin your journey back to your true self!’

SEAS student

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