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By deliarosenboom, Oct 5 2018 04:28PM

Since I can remember, I have always experienced the letter D as being red, L as white, S yellow, G a dark green… Similarly the number 2 has always been blue, 4 is purple, 7 is black… In fact all numbers and letters have an 'inherent' colour and this is just how it is for me...

By South East Alexander School, Jul 13 2018 12:39PM

Don Burton
Don Burton

Following on from my previous writing about lineage, and mentioning the training that I myself had at Fellside Alexander School, with Don Burton, I thought it appropriate to post an article written by a friend and colleague of mine - Gentian Rahtz - who trained together with me at Fellside in the late 1980's. Here are some recollections of our time with training with Don.....

For anyone appreciating or interested in this approach to training, you may be interested to look at the South East Alexander School's teacher training programme, as although not exactly the same as Don's training, my aim is to 'continue Don's ideas and approaches to A.T. training and teaching as far as is possible.

An Appreciation of the Visionary Contribution Don Burton Made to the Alexander Technique Community

by Gentian Rahtz

By South East Alexander School, Jul 2 2018 07:38PM

F M Alexander
F M Alexander

When two animals encounter each other it is usual for there to be a brief and almost ritualistic 'getting to know each other' - a sorting out of the pecking order, a deliberating on whether this other animal is friend or foe, a gaining of understanding about the other from which differing reactions and behaviours can ensue.

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