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Alexander Training

Alexander Technique International A.T.I.

Trainees at the South East Alexander School are eligible to become student members of the professional body A.T.I. As student members, trainees will be able to take part in ATI conferences, workshops, debates...and contribute to their annual publications.

Upon completion of training, graduates can choose to apply to become teaching members of ATI, by undertaking ATI's sponsorship process. This involves being evaluated by three of ATI's 'sponsoring teachers'.

Alexander Technique International (ATI) is a world-wide professional organization created to promote and advance the work begun by F. Matthias Alexander. Its members include teachers, students, and friends of the Alexander Technique. ATI embraces the diversity of the international Alexander Technique community and is working to promote international dialogue.

A.T.I's Mission

  • To create and sustain open means of global communication for people to discuss, apply, research, and experiment with the discoveries of F. Matthias Alexander.

  • To encourage the use of the F. M. Alexander Technique in both human and environmental relationships.

  • To embody the principles of the F. M. Alexander Technique in ATI's structure and means of operation.

  • To provide a means for recognizing Alexander Technique Teacher competence and providing certification for those teachers who qualify.


ATI was formed in 1992 with a charter membership of 28 teachers as an open organization. Anyone who supports the purpose of Alexander Technique International and who pays the dues as set by the Executive Board is welcome to join ATI whether they are teachers or not. Anyone wishing to become an ATI Teaching Member with an ATI Teaching Certificate must be assessed by and obtain the written sponsorship of three duly elected ATI Sponsoring Members.


ATI provides a forum for the future evolution of the Technique through open communications among members and with the public. ATI works for members' interests in legislative arenas, and provides a means for teaching members to acquire professional insurance. Members have the opportunity to exchange ideas about the work, advances in teaching, and information from related fields, through the following media:


  • The ExChange - the ATI journal available to the public

  • The Communiqué - members only newsletter, or, the e-communiqué - an electronic version

  • ATI-Interchange - a members-only Internet email forum and on-line discussion group for ATI members to discuss and give feedback on issues of relevance to ATI as well as to the Alexander Technique in general.

ATI is a member-run organization. Members have the opportunity to volunteer to participate on the following committees: Communications Committee, Membership Committee, International Committee, Professional Development Committee, Certification Coordinating Committee, Ethics Committee, Vision-Mission Committee, Government Relations Committee, Nominations Committee, Agenda Planning Committee and Workshop Planning Committee.


By August 2004, ATI had 12 regional offices located around the world--USA (Boston - main office), United Kingdom(London), France (Paris), Australia (Sydney), Germany (Munich), Switzerland (Basel), Ireland (Galway), Norway(Bergen), Austria (Linz), Hungary (Budapest), Japan and Israel (Givatayim)--serving over 320 members in 19 countries. In addition there are a number of regional groups of ATI members who meet to discuss ATI-related issues and work together.


ATI has a Code of Ethics which all Teaching Members must sign and agree to uphold and an elected Ethics Committee to uphold the Code's standards and deal with any complaints. Professional insurance is available in the USA, UK and Australia (so far) to ATI Teaching Members who either hold an ATI Teaching Certificate or that of another recognized society.

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